Tartan Coffee Table from Phillips, Wisconsin

$ 695

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The Tartan Coffee Table is crafted with unique reclaimed barn wood and a table top that intersperses natural boards with barn boards showing off the lingering patches of red and white paint that catches the eye and gives this rustic coffee table an enlivening pop of color. The thick rectangular hardwood legs are hardy and show off the historic reclaimed wood garnered from Midwestern barns.

In 2008, Reclaimed Rustic Woodworks and its team of skilled Wisconsin craftsman began their quest to salvage wood from old abandoned barns in the Midwest and give this historic wood new life. By restoring aged timbers, brimming with character from rough saw cuts, nail holes, and natural weathering, and combining them with blacksmith forged wrought iron, Reclaimed Rustic Woodworks fashions barn boards into heirloom furniture you will cherish, knowing you are preserving a piece of history, while adding your own mark to the fascinating character and story of the wood.

  • Handcrafted by a team of local craftsmen in Phillips, Wisconsin
  • Crafted from solid reclaimed barn wood and materials sourced through eco-friendly methods
  • Constructed from salvaged timber 
  • Available in two sizes: 4' or 5' and with or without a lower shelf
  • Ships in 6 to 8 weeks


48"w x 27"d x 18.5"h
Weight: 70 lbs


60"w x 27"d x 18.5"h
Weight: 85 lbs
Includes Free Home Delivery
Constructed of Solid Reclaimed Pine

Design Details

An Icon of American History

Reclaimed Rustic Woodworks creates each heirloom-quality piece of furniture using solid, reclaimed wood salvaged from torn-down barns throughout the Midwest. Each piece is sure to evoke a feeling of nostalgia while setting the stage for future memories.

Homespun in Wisconsin

Led by the the Torgeson family, the team of 20 dedicated craftsmen at Reclaimed Rustic Woodworks are passionate about the proud history of farming in the Midwest as well as handcrafting beautiful furniture one piece at a time.

Reclaimed Rustic Woodworks in Phillips, Wisconsin

Reclaimed Rustic Woodworks Phillips, Wisconsin

Founded in 2008 by Gerry Torgeson in the heart of Wisconsin, Reclaimed Rustic Woodworks is deeply rooted to the rich historic nature of the barn. For many years, barn raisings were a core event in rural communities, with all members serving in some capacity to aid in the construction. Logs were harvested from nearby forests and the timbers were hand hewn to create solid structures that provided shelter for livestock and harvested crops. Once erected, these barns played a pivotal role in Midwestern life, serving as a gathering place for weddings and other festivities.

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