Angle Chair from Gardena, California

$ 2,085

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The Angle Chair is a modern day take on a rustic wood chair, with chic, modern minimalist lines that come together with wide reclaimed solid oak boards. At once warm and inviting and yet refreshingly modern and artistic, the Angle Chair, with 18 luxurious fabrics to choose from, is a truly special place to relax. 

Founded in 1999 as a one-man show, today CFC has grown into one of Southern California’s elite handcrafted furniture companies. Known for reclaimed, industrial style and modern home furnishings, CFC incorporates reclaimed woods such as douglas fir from torn down homes and oak from barn fences into many of its designs and is proud to say that each piece is custom made by hand.

  • Handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans in Gardena, California
  • Constructed from solid reclaimed oak
  • Available in 18 fabrics
  • Ships in 1 to 2 weeks
30"w x 35"d x 32"h
Weight: 126 lbs
Includes Free Home Delivery & Set-up
Constructed of Solid Reclaimed Oak & Fabric

Design Details

Reclaimed = Beautiful & Sustainable

Many of the beautiful pieces crafted by the team at CFC are constructed using reclaimed Douglas Fir from torn-down homes and Oak from barns, fences, and box cars. The result is stunningly elegant furniture with very little impact to the environment.

Homespun in Gardena, California

Georg Baehler and his team of roughly 25 craftsmen have been crafting unique and beautiful furniture in Southern California since 1999. During that time, they have earned a reputation for cutting edge designs and detail-oriented craftsmanship.

CFC in Gardena, California

CFC Gardena, California

Founded in 1999 by Georg Baehler, a master craftsman and woodworker of Swiss descent, CFC has become one of the preeminent handcrafted furniture companies in Southern California. Renowned for its emphasis on reclaimed, industrial style and modern home furnishings, CFC prides itself on custom building and finishing each piece by hand.

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