Our Story

We work with American makers to bring
you quality, handcrafted furniture.

  • Based in Mill Valley, CA
  • Number of makers 17
  • Furniture made in the USA 100%
  • Founded by Joe Noonan

Unique, American Makers

We feature furniture that is beautifully handcrafted and resolutely American-made by skilled craftsmen across the USA. Each of our makers has a unique vision and design philosophy that influences their work. Whether it's mid-century modern or classic Shaker design, our furniture is made by people who have spent countless hours mastering their craft.

Handcrafted Furniture

Furniture wasn't always so disposable. It wasn’t always made on massive assembly lines using recycled sawdust. Furniture used to be made with solid wood, by skilled craftsmen, and would be passed down from one generation to the next. Our furniture is made from hard woods such as cherry, oak, maple and walnut, and is constructed using a combination of time tested techniques and modern technology.

Muir Woods, California

Preserving the Environment

Based just a few miles from the majestic redwood trees of Muir Woods in Northern California, we have a deep appreciation for preserving our natural resources. Homespun Design works with makers who source wood from sustainably logged forests, mainly in the USA, and eliminates the waste that goes along with importing goods from thousands of miles away. Additionally, our heirloom quality furniture is meant to last a lifetime, so it won’t be found in a landfill anytime soon. To reaffirm our commitment to the environment, we are members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, whose mission is to encourage eco-friendly practices within the furnishings industry and raise awareness of key sustainability issues.