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In operation for over 30 years, Woodforms is known for building custom furniture exclusively from American Black Cherry. Located in Foxboro, MA, they are widely recognized as one of the top manufacturers of Cherry wood furniture in New England. Founder Bob O’Hare and his select group of craftsmen understand the unique characteristics of this wood and design their furniture to highlight these distinctive qualities, making each piece truly exceptional.

Woodforms offers three collection styles: Luna, which has modern styling with clean angles and bold lines; classic Shaker style, and Willow, which incorporates a more elegant, curvy line. Because all of the pieces are built using a single wood, customers are encouraged to mix and match their styles for a more personalized look in any room of the house.

In addition, Woodforms is dedicated to practicing green principles in their manufacturing process; for example, they repurpose their sawdust to local dairy farms, burn their excess scrap wood so it can be used to heat homes in their community and they reuse and recycle all cardboard.


Luna Shaker Willow