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Led by a father-son team with over 30 years of woodworking experience, Saltwoods is located in Watertown, Massachusetts. Founder Dan Crossman partnered with this renowned furniture making family, along with skilled wood specialists, and local craftsman to create a furniture company committed to creating robust, long-lasting solid hardwood furniture. Saltwoods is known for its formidable practices that include using impressively thick slabs of wood for their tabletops and eco-friendly stains in constructing a stunning array of rustic and farmhouse style tables. 

What makes Saltwoods tables unique is that wood specialists canvas the Northeast to hand select the most beautiful woods through sustainable methods. So while preserving and the environment with every table the team creates, owning one of their beautiful tables brings not only a quality a slice of American wood but also our country's heritage into your home. 

Among their core principles, is Saltwoods mission “to make the table the centerpiece of the American household and the heart of the American family, an enduring treasure made with American wood, with American hands.”

Here at Homespun Design, we are excited to showcase the gorgeous collection of hardy rustic and farm style tables from Saltwoods.