Reclaimed Rustic Woodworks

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Founded in 2008 by lifelong friends Gerry & Sue Torgeson and Bo Palenske in the heart of Wisconsin, Reclaimed Rustic Woodworks is deeply rooted to the rich historic nature of the barn. For many years, barn raisings were a core event in rural communities, with all members serving in some capacity to aid in the construction. Logs were harvested from nearby forests and the timbers were hand hewn to create solid structures that provided shelter for livestock and harvested crops. Once erected, these barns played a pivotal role in Midwestern life, serving as a gathering place for weddings and other festivities.

As the industrial revolution continued to unfold, these magnificent structures were increasingly neglected and often fell prey to weather and collapse over time. With so many abandoned and destroyed, Reclaimed Rustic Woodworks saw an opportunity to preserve the inherent beauty and integrity of the remaining landmarks by transforming them into exquisite pieces of furniture. Each creation is exceptional in nature because it reveals traits -- such as nail marks, water stains, cracks and knots – that symbolize the lives of generations who built, worked and lived within the walls of these antique edifices.

Reclaimed Rustic Woodworks’ vision is to remain steadfastly committed to building heirloom quality pieces from this bygone era with the same pride and attention to detail that its forefathers utilized in the original barn construction. Proudly Midwestern in heritage, this sturdy and meticulously assembled furniture is tethered together with genuine blacksmith wrought-iron, further infusing it with authenticity. Owning a piece of Reclaimed Rustic Woodworks' furniture is sure to evoke a feeling of nostalgia as well as setting the stage for future stories to be told.