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Based in "The Maple City" of Goshen, Indiana, Conrad Grebel is one of the most respected amish-made furniture lines in the United States. It was formed by Chad Gascho in 2002 from a network of 11 independent family-run Amish & Mennonite workshops in northern Indiana. Each workshop is small and has its own area of expertise, but all the artisans build American-inspired pieces using time-honored woodcutting, joining and finishing techniques. They have mastered sophisticated joinery that complements the wood's nature and make use of quarter-sawn wood cut at an angle to resist contraction and denting. Not to say the owners haven't also invested in precision equipment over the years to remain competitive.

Amish artisans are renown for their commitment to hard work, careful craftsmanship and sustainable livelihoods. Every piece is hand crafted and unique from North American hardwoods such as oak, cherry, maple, and ash. To protect the furniture from a lifetime of use and spills, there is one workshop devoted to finishing each piece with Conrad Grebel's own specialized finish. The furniture is as sturdy as it is beautiful, genuine amish heirlooms.


Bay Harbour Brentwood Classic Mission
Farmhouse Hanover Kensington
Newport Strasburg Townsend