Cherry Pond Fine Furniture

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Since 1990, Cherry Pond Fine Furniture has been building heirloom quality furniture in the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Cherry Pond Fine Furniture was born out of the founder’s undying desire to create and innovate. After retiring from the family millwork company, Peter Guest Sr. enlisted the help of his sons, John and Peter Jr., to build what was intended to be a simple hobby shop. With six generations of woodworkers in their blood, they couldn’t help themselves, and in less than a year the Guest family was back in business producing furniture of the highest quality. Now the company employs a talented team of nine in northern New Hampshire. 

Cherry Pond Fine Furniture is proud to practice the traditional art and "craft" of making fine furniture. Pieces are created one at a time with an unmatched attention to detail. They insist on mortise-and-tenon joinery for strength and durability, dovetailing for strong and beautiful drawers, and construction styles that consider the natural expansion and contraction of solid wood. Often the same board is used throughout a piece to ensure the wood grain will appear in a continuous sequence. Hand rubbed oil finishes are allowed to sit and cure bringing out the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Cherry Pond Fine Furniture offers traditional shaker styled furniture as well as more contemporary styles, all made from hand-selected American hardwoods. The company is dedicated to sustainability by building a product that lasts and always using sustainably and locally sourced materials. Nothing goes to waste with even the sawdust serving as bedding for a local dairy herd. The Homespun team believes you'll love their spirit and beautiful furniture as much as we do.