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Coffee Table Conversation-Starters

Gift Ideas

Why buy a conversation-starter coffee table book to sit on top of a boring old table when you could instead anchor your living area with a truly attention-getting coffee table, like these unique picks from our catalog.  These make great gift ideas as well!   Wine Rack Coffee Table   Whether you want to show off some of your fanciest bottles or you just want easy, couch-side access to your favorites, this wine rack coffee table is a wine enthusiast's dream.  A perfect gift for a wine connoisseur, or yourself!  Handmade in New Jersey by Napa East.   State Coffee Tables...

Sustainably Harvesting Wood

American Furniture, Makers, Sustainable Wood

Most of the woods that Homespun Makers use in their furniture come from local forests, right here in the U.S.A.  Great effort is made by our Makers to ensure that they are getting the highest quality, most beautiful cuts of wood, but they also care a lot about making sure that their materials were  harvested in such a way that impact to the forests near their homes is minimized.   So what does it mean to be sustainably harvested?  Sustainably harvested wood is collected carefully with mindfulness of the forests that they come from, how the wood will be regenerated...

Gather For Your Holiday Feast at a Trestle Table

American Furniture, Sustainable Wood

Hosting a feast for friends or family this holiday season?  Our favorite tables for big family meals are trestle tables.  With classic style and lots of leg room, even with a crowd, these tables (handmade in the U.S.A., of course!) make the perfect setting for an all-American holiday meal. Winslow Dining Table Made by hand in Vermont, this solid wood slab dining table has a unique, minimalist elegance all its own.  Each table is hand-sanded and every piece of wood used is carefully selected to match color and grain.  Choose from American black cherry, black walnut or rock maple, all sustainably...

3 Mid-Century Modern Pieces That Can Update Any Space


The minimalist elegance of mid-century modern style makes it a versatile match for almost any space.  Even traditional rooms can benefit from the breath of fresh air that a clean-lined mid-century-inspired piece can provide.  These are a few favorites from our mid-century furniture collection, and they work well in almost any home!   Mid-Century Coffee Table With clean, simple lines and beautifully grained walnut, this mid-century coffee table by Jeremiah Collection lends an elegant touch to any environment.  It integrates seamlessly even in traditional spaces, adding a bit of classic, mid-century flair and modernity.   Melinda Chair This classic, mid-century-styled...

Caring for Solid Wood Furniture

Furniture Care, Handmade Furniture, Sustainable Wood

When you make an investment in an heirloom-quality solid wood dining table or wood bed, you should treat it right.  Here are a few basic tips on how to care for solid wood:   1) Dust frequently.  Use a soft dry cloth (old t-shirts work well) or a gently dust with a soft duster.  You may find that an every-so-slightly damp cloth helps to remove dust without stirring debris and allergens into the air. 2) Cleaning sticky spots.  It's best to avoid getting solid wood furniture wet, but when the occasional sticky spot appears, it's best to use a very gentle soap and...

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