Handmade Furniture That Will Make Your Resolutions

Handmade Furniture, Homekeeping, Sustainable Wood

If your resolutions for 2015 included getting organized or doing more to live green, you've come to the right place.  Almost all of our handmade furniture is sourced from sustainably harvested wood, or even greener still, from reclaimed timber from barns and other old structures that have been recycled into beautiful furnishings.  Check out these handmade storage solutions that can hit both resolutions with one stylish choice. Heartwood Bookcase with Doors The Heartwood Bookcase with Doors is a timeless piece, and can be used in any room for extra storage or curios that you want to organize and display beautifully.  This is...

Create a Guest Room They Won't Want to Leave

Handmade Furniture, Homekeeping

The holiday season is the perfect time to give that extra bedroom the TLC it's been needing. Whether you have an old bed in there that you've been loyally toting with you since college or a bed so covered with books and junk it's not even visible, guest rooms are the oft-unloved rooms in most homes, and with the impending arrival of family guests, it's high time they get the attention they deserve.  Here are a few ideas from our homes to yours for improving your guest's stay for the season, ranging from easy and inexpensive to a full bedroom...