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A Perfect Resting Spot for Your Hot Cocoa

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Once you've found your favorite comfy chair and successfully claimed it from the rest of your family, the next step is to get a perfectly sized end table to go alongside.  With so many unique styles and features to choose from, our selection is sure to provide the handmade option you've always wanted. Stacked Ply End Table Are you a bookworm or magazine fiend?  This table is the perfect answer to that stack next to your chair.  With built in slats designed to neatly store your chair-side library, this table is a great fit in a modern, rustic home.  And...

Coffee Table Conversation-Starters

Gift Ideas

Why buy a conversation-starter coffee table book to sit on top of a boring old table when you could instead anchor your living area with a truly attention-getting coffee table, like these unique picks from our catalog.  These make great gift ideas as well!   Wine Rack Coffee Table   Whether you want to show off some of your fanciest bottles or you just want easy, couch-side access to your favorites, this wine rack coffee table is a wine enthusiast's dream.  A perfect gift for a wine connoisseur, or yourself!  Handmade in New Jersey by Napa East.   State Coffee Tables...