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Early American Furniture Styles

American Furniture, Handmade Furniture, Mission-Style Furniture, Shaker Furniture

When the first settlers arrived in America, they came with just the basics needed for survival and very little furniture.  They brought large chests filled with belongings, and then had to create the furniture they needed to live comfortably in their new homes.  At first, furniture styles were very rudimentary and basic, but as time wore on and the settlers became more established in their new home, they started to put more effort into the aesthetics of their furniture, and in so doing turned out some of the most iconic designs of American descent: from Shaker to Mission, we have...

Mid-Century Style Furniture

American Furniture, Handmade Furniture, Mid-Century

The mid-century modern style movement is one of the most recognizable in American history.  Characterized by its simplicity and unique use of materials from wood to plastic.  Sometimes referred to as "retro" or "mod", we prefer the term "classic" -- mid-century furniture pieces are every bit as relevant today as they were when the movement originated in the late 40s.  While some say the roots of mid-century design sprung from Frank Lloyd Wright or the Arts & Crafts movement, many believe that the movement was actually an American reinvention of Bauhaus and International design that was happening around the same...

Sustainably Harvesting Wood

American Furniture, Makers, Sustainable Wood

Most of the woods that Homespun Makers use in their furniture come from local forests, right here in the U.S.A.  Great effort is made by our Makers to ensure that they are getting the highest quality, most beautiful cuts of wood, but they also care a lot about making sure that their materials were  harvested in such a way that impact to the forests near their homes is minimized.   So what does it mean to be sustainably harvested?  Sustainably harvested wood is collected carefully with mindfulness of the forests that they come from, how the wood will be regenerated...

Gather For Your Holiday Feast at a Trestle Table

American Furniture, Sustainable Wood

Hosting a feast for friends or family this holiday season?  Our favorite tables for big family meals are trestle tables.  With classic style and lots of leg room, even with a crowd, these tables (handmade in the U.S.A., of course!) make the perfect setting for an all-American holiday meal. Winslow Dining Table Made by hand in Vermont, this solid wood slab dining table has a unique, minimalist elegance all its own.  Each table is hand-sanded and every piece of wood used is carefully selected to match color and grain.  Choose from American black cherry, black walnut or rock maple, all sustainably...

How Do We Choose Our Makers?

American Furniture, Makers

A lot of people ask us, "Where do you find your makers?" Well, sometimes we seek them out, and sometimes they find us. But no matter what, we only know it's a good match if:  They make their furniture 100% in the U.S.A. Nothing is made in China and then brought back for assembly. Our furniture artisans craft their pieces through every step of production. Every joint, every plane, every coat of finish is completed here in the America. They care about design. We curate our selection to showcase products that are truly heirloom-worthy, classic designs that will stand the...

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