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Handmade Furniture That Will Make Your Resolutions

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If your resolutions for 2015 included getting organized or doing more to live green, you've come to the right place.  Almost all of our handmade furniture is sourced from sustainably harvested wood, or even greener still, from reclaimed timber from barns and other old structures that have been recycled into beautiful furnishings.  Check out these handmade storage solutions that can hit both resolutions with one stylish choice.

Heartwood Bookcase with Doors

Heartwood BookcaseThe Heartwood Bookcase with Doors is a timeless piece, and can be used in any room for extra storage or curios that you want to organize and display beautifully.  This is a storage workhorse that can be used to store books, media, towels, cookbooks, toys, you name it!  Best of all, it is 100% handmade and built with time-tested techniques like mortise & tenon joinery to ensure that it will last for generations to come.  The Heartwood collection is bench-crafted in Burlington, Vermont by Vermont Furniture Designs, a small shop with about 35 furniture craftsmen.  

Universal Light Stand




Universal Light StandA storage lamp?  Yes, that's a thing!  The brainchild of one of the most whimsically creative makers we've encountered, Shiner International, this lamp offers great mid-century style, and a completely unique way to store your most-grabbed books.  Available in two sizes for floor or table top locations, this lamp is versatile and goes perfectly next to your favorite chair or on your bedside table - wherever you read and pile books most.  And, like all of Shiner's pieces, it is made from reclaimed materials, so you can check that "green" box on your resolution list too.

Josh Bookcase

Curved BookcaseThe Josh Bookcase is made by one of our newest makers, CFC Furniture out of Gardena, CA.  CFC is known for its elegant repurposing of reclaimed timber, and this bookcase is a perfect example of the beauty of their technique.  With a gentle curve and open back, this bookcase makes a very eye-catching room divider.  You can even pair it with a second unit to complete an arc and separate off a reading area in a large room.  Made from reclaimed Douglas Fir and available in 5 wax finishes, this curved bookcase makes style and sustainability statements that you will stand behind forever.













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