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Gift Ideas

Why buy a conversation-starter coffee table book to sit on top of a boring old table when you could instead anchor your living area with a truly attention-getting coffee table, like these unique picks from our catalog.  These make great gift ideas as well!


Wine Rack Coffee Table


Whether you want to show off some of your fanciest bottles or you just want easy, couch-side access to your favorites, this wine rack coffee table is a wine enthusiast's dream.  A perfect gift for a wine connoisseur, or yourself!  Handmade in New Jersey by Napa East.


State Coffee Tables

A table shaped like your home state is sure to get the conversation flowing.  Available in all 50 states and with a choice of either poplar or walnut, this $699 table is unique feature for a neutral living room.  Handmade in Atlanta, GA by Shiner International.


Matchstick Coffee Table


Add some spark to your living space with this Matchstick Coffee Table by ARTLESS in Los Angeles.  Available in multiple shapes (choose from octagonal, square) and maple with red tips or black walnut with white-tipped "matchsticks", this unique coffee table is definitely an attention getter!




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