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Gather For Your Holiday Feast at a Trestle Table

American Furniture, Sustainable Wood

Hosting a feast for friends or family this holiday season?  Our favorite tables for big family meals are trestle tables.  With classic style and lots of leg room, even with a crowd, these tables (handmade in the U.S.A., of course!) make the perfect setting for an all-American holiday meal.

Winslow Dining Table

Made by hand in Vermont, this solid wood slab dining table has a unique, minimalist elegance all its own.  Each table is hand-sanded and every piece of wood used is carefully selected to match color and grain.  Choose from American black cherry, black walnut or rock maple, all sustainably harvested in the U.S.A.


Isabella Table

The Isabella table is a breathtaking modern trestle table made with 2" slab wood.  Hand-built in St. Louis, all wood and materials are sourced using eco-friendly methods.  The unique stretcher and trestle base accommodates seating for a large group with great flexibility.  Available in solid walnut, cherry and oak.


Brentwood Dining Table

Made by Conrad Grebel, one of the most respected Amish-made furniture lines in the United States, this 1" thick trestle table features natural mineral streaks and filled knots.  The Brentwood table is available with matching benches for versatile seating, and can comfortably seat up to 10 guests.   


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