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What Are You Getting When You Buy Reclaimed Wood Furniture?

Sustainable Wood

reclaimed woodReclaimed wood is wood that is recycled or repurposed from timber that has been rescued from old structures such as barns and factories, and sometimes from smaller objects like wine barrels or even old furniture.  Homespun features several makers that prefer to use reclaimed wood.  

There are many benefits of using previously used materials, most of which are environmental, but some are aesthetic.  Using reclaimed wood obviously keeps old timber out of landfills and also prevents the harvest and related damage of acquiring new materials that could have been used instead.  In addition, there is a rugged, natural beauty in these old timbers that our makers can use to create unique new pieces with built-in character from years of weathering and environmental distressing.  They seek out wood with a story and personality that makes each of their reclaimed wood furniture completely one of a kind.  

Homespun maker Jeremiah Nielsen hand-picks each piece of reclaimed wood for its character -- looking for qualities like unique color and graining, and then skips finishing that would obscure the beauty of his wood selections.  He takes the imperfections in the wood and makers the most of them to give each piece of his furniture a look all its own.

Joe Manus of Shiner International also seeks out landfill-destined wood for his furniture, and goes even further in using other recycled materials, including steel and cardboard.

Browse our whole selection of Reclaimed Wood Furniture to see the unique personality of these repurposed woods for yourself.


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