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What It Means to Buy American-Made Furniture

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America has a centuries-old history of designing and making beautifully hand-crafted furniture. From Shaker to Mission and Mid-Century, many of the world's most classic and beloved furniture styles originated in the US, at the hands of American artists. For centuries American families would seek out hand-made pieces that were made with the finest craftsmanship techniques, built to last, and to be handed-down through the generations as family heirlooms.

In recent decades that has changed, as purchasing mass-produced products from China has provided irresistible economies for American homemakers. But while these products may provide short-term savings, they are also likely to be found sitting on the curb with a "Free" sign within a decade.

The durability of time-tested craftsmanship and American hardwoods is worth the investment. All furniture sold by Homespun is made with an exclusively-American eye for detail and quality that make our pieces heirloom-worthy. You buy a dining table from us today, and your grandchildren will serve their kids Thanksgiving dinner at the very same table years from now.

Beyond the quality of craftsmanship and materials that we love from our American makers, it feels good to bring a product home that was made by someone you know. The kind of someone you could easily run into at the Farmer's Market with their kids. Someone who employs local craftsmen. Someone who buys their wood from local forests where lumber is harvested sustainably.

Buying American means quality, and it also means supporting your American neighbors. It means furnishing your home with pieces that you can truly be proud of.


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