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Early American Furniture Styles

American Furniture, Handmade Furniture, Mission-Style Furniture, Shaker Furniture

When the first settlers arrived in America, they came with just the basics needed for survival and very little furniture.  They brought large chests filled with belongings, and then had to create the furniture they needed to live comfortably in their new homes.  At first, furniture styles were very rudimentary and basic, but as time wore on and the settlers became more established in their new home, they started to put more effort into the aesthetics of their furniture, and in so doing turned out some of the most iconic designs of American descent: from Shaker to Mission, we have...

Mid-Century Style Furniture

American Furniture, Handmade Furniture, Mid-Century

The mid-century modern style movement is one of the most recognizable in American history.  Characterized by its simplicity and unique use of materials from wood to plastic.  Sometimes referred to as "retro" or "mod", we prefer the term "classic" -- mid-century furniture pieces are every bit as relevant today as they were when the movement originated in the late 40s.  While some say the roots of mid-century design sprung from Frank Lloyd Wright or the Arts & Crafts movement, many believe that the movement was actually an American reinvention of Bauhaus and International design that was happening around the same...

Handmade Furniture That Will Make Your Resolutions

Handmade Furniture, Homekeeping, Sustainable Wood

If your resolutions for 2015 included getting organized or doing more to live green, you've come to the right place.  Almost all of our handmade furniture is sourced from sustainably harvested wood, or even greener still, from reclaimed timber from barns and other old structures that have been recycled into beautiful furnishings.  Check out these handmade storage solutions that can hit both resolutions with one stylish choice. Heartwood Bookcase with Doors The Heartwood Bookcase with Doors is a timeless piece, and can be used in any room for extra storage or curios that you want to organize and display beautifully.  This is...

Create a Guest Room They Won't Want to Leave

Handmade Furniture, Homekeeping

The holiday season is the perfect time to give that extra bedroom the TLC it's been needing. Whether you have an old bed in there that you've been loyally toting with you since college or a bed so covered with books and junk it's not even visible, guest rooms are the oft-unloved rooms in most homes, and with the impending arrival of family guests, it's high time they get the attention they deserve.  Here are a few ideas from our homes to yours for improving your guest's stay for the season, ranging from easy and inexpensive to a full bedroom...

A Perfect Resting Spot for Your Hot Cocoa

Gift Ideas, Handmade Furniture, Mid-Century

Once you've found your favorite comfy chair and successfully claimed it from the rest of your family, the next step is to get a perfectly sized end table to go alongside.  With so many unique styles and features to choose from, our selection is sure to provide the handmade option you've always wanted. Stacked Ply End Table Are you a bookworm or magazine fiend?  This table is the perfect answer to that stack next to your chair.  With built in slats designed to neatly store your chair-side library, this table is a great fit in a modern, rustic home.  And...

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